Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let me catch you up!

Once again life has gotten in the way of blogging, but I have had plans to blog and even taken some pictures to go along with the posts I never wrote, so let me catch you up.

For St. Patty's Day Cole and I made green cupcakes together. We burned them, but they looked pretty neat and he and his playgroup friends ate them anyway.

Reid is sleeping so much better, thanks once again to Ferber and our new "no less than an hour naps" rule. He is so much more pleasant when he's awake now that he's sleeping. Isn't this cute:

He also loves his jumperoo!
We had a nice Easter too. Here is Cole dying eggs, the boys getting their baskets and Cole finding the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid around the house:

Reid is rolling all over. His favorite toys are these wipes and a big cardboard box. He is also getting quite good at sitting, but needs a little more practice before he'll be able to do it on his own.

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Cole is still working hard on potty training. He hasn't had a pee accident in a LONG time and we are still working on poop. Here he is making his classic "cheese" face.

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ellen said...

Hi, Lisa--just dropping by. Thanks for posting pictures of the boys--so impressed that you find time to blog about life with my sweet and adorable little grand-nephews!
Hope all is well-say hi to Brien for me! P.S. I have a website up-needs work, but it is up! If you ever have yet more time :) check it out and give me the younger generation feedback? Thanks!