Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things are a bit crazy around here!

Juggling 3 kids hasn't been nearly as bad as I expected, but of course we have our moments. A few nights ago Brien went out for the evening, so I was left to put the trio to bed myself.
Molly making things easy on me

Most of the night went fine and then it was time for bath. I put Molly in her crib (cue the screaming) so I could bathe the boys. I turned on the bath, sent Cole into his room to undress and went with Reid to his room. I was pulling out pj's while Reid was looking at some books on the floor. I told Cole to go potty and headed to his room to get his pj's. He came running back into his bedroom laughing hysterically and saying, "Reid is in the bathroom." In a stern voice I told him to go potty and stop fooling around, it's fine if Reid is in there. I followed him back to the bathroom and find Reid sitting, fully clothed, in the filled bath tub. I burst out laughing, stripped his clothes and HUGE diaper off him and had a little talk with him about getting into the bath with his clothes on and without Mommy or Daddy. Of course he has no idea what I'm talking about!

One more quick picture of the boys cooperating while I typed this post:

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